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The old couple on a bench is an amazing sculpture, it will bring a smile to many people who visit the garden.  Sadly it was the last project my uncle was involved in.  He was particularly proud and spoke highly of the young people who dedicated their time in making it happen.
Angela Lawrence 

Fantastic new feature and achievement - credit to the creativity and drive of those who made it happen and inspiration to the rest of us to think about other Wolverton space.
Tom Bulman 

This has been one of the most interesting and rewarding projects I have worked on. I have made a number of lfelong friends as a result of my involvement and hope that many others will now enjoy the garden as I have done and will have encounters that will lead to lasting friendships also.
Dave Persaud

I have just spent a very very enjoyable 2 hours in the Secret Garden listening to Fat Freddy's Cat - for FREE! I was expecting a 'collecting tin' to come round - which I would have gladly contributed to. The surroundings are lovely - and the group was excellent - thanks to all for a very enjoyable afternoon - I am just sorry I never knew about the two
Jean Cooper

 A truly wonderful creative space already used by many local and not so local people. I'm sure the Secret Garden will continue to be used as a venue for many interesting events in which the community can participate.
Ros Bloor

 We literally stumbled upon the Wolverton Secret Garden a few weeks ago during a Sunday cycle, going along the canal path.  What a beautiful area! Completely unexpected, and a real treat to explore and enjoy. We read this site with interest, and can only say a heartfelt thankyou to everyone for making such a fantastic place to discover and relax.
Michelle & Jason

 Enjoyed looking over your web site. What a wonderful and interesting project. I am a friend of one of your gardeners, Brian! Well done.

 My uncle used to live there c.1950, Charles Collins, working for the railway.  We used to visit him (my father, brother and I) and I can remember throwing apples from the orchard at the barges at the bottom of the garden!  We also used to catch the little tanker engine train to Newport Pagnell and return.  He also used to take us to his work where there was a working railway exhibit.  Wonder if it is still there?
The house had large gardens and a tennis court and overlooked the Grand Union Canal.  We went there on a 'working weekend', supposedly tidying up the garden, but spent more time watching the steam locomotives (Royal Scot) thundering by.  Particularly nostalgic was being in bed and listening to the clank clank of goods traffic in the early hours.

Happy memories.
Philip Collins

Kia Ora, Nice looking garden and good use of the space well done. A web visitor from New Zealand.
Gareth Mason

It was fantastic to find this jewel of a place amoungst the concrete of MK. It bring to life local history, gives us all a lovely and evocative place to walk as well as showing what a dedicated community can do. Look forward to returning again and again. Thank you.

I walk through the Secret Garden whenever I walk to Wolverton station, and it never ceases to being a smile to my face. Consequently I was well chuffed when my band - The Curvy Love Dogz! were asked to perform there this summer - and despite appalling weather we had a good turnout and a fab time - thanks guys!
Colin Kempster

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Posted by Hil Macgregor on 23/07/2012

Lovely little hidden gem. I went to a concert there at the weekend. It was free, very chilled out with a friendly atmosphere. Credit to all who put in their own time and energy into maintaining the garden and making these events possible.

Posted by bobbie on 04/08/2011   Email

As a visitor from Belfast I was lucky enough to visit the Garden,truely wonderful.Keep up the great work.

Posted by bobbie on 04/08/2011   Email

As a visitor from Belfast I was lucky enough to visit the Garden,truely wonderful.Keep up the great work.

Posted by Gawaine Parker on 28/07/2011   Email

A great spot to relax and get away from the hustle, very much looking forward to the MADCAP Music Project gig in 21st, see you there!

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