Garden Creation

When the archaeological investigation finished in August 2003, the adult volunteers who had been coming along for 6 weeks to satisfy their 'Time Team' fantasies, continued to meet every Saturday morning between 10 and 1 - and we are still there today every Saturday!
The site of the formal villa gardens needed clearing in preparation for the arrival of the contractors, Landward, who were going to install the footpath system and the paths and railings in the Villa Garden.  Earth and bricks was moved, trees and overgrown shrubbery was cleared.  In January 2004  the site, as the photo shows, looked like a bombsite.  As volunteers we had our first moments of doubt - had we bitten off more than we could chew?
The contractors started work in the spring of 2004 and installed the path network and the Villa imprint.  They provided the framework and we began to get more confidence that we could do the job. 

All day to day management of the contractors was undertaken by Landscape Town & Country and Neil Higson our landscape architect although every action they took was only done with the Wolverton Secret Garden Society's approval.

Neil and his assistant Stuart Hocking also provided us with a detailed planting plan and in the autumn of 2004 we started planting furiously.  It must be pointed out that only 2 or 3 of our group know anything about  gardening and different types of plants so we relied on the tags on plants to tell us what they were!  On one Saturday morning 27 volunteers turned up and planted the 30 trees that form the cherry orchard. Another Saturday morning it took the combined efforts of about a dozen volunteers to plant one large walnut tree.
(Open Main Secret Garden sign panel pdf file to see the finished plan of the garden)

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