We were keen to involve different local groups so that as many people as possible would be aware of the Secret Garden and feel that they ‘own’ it because they have a hand in making it. We also wanted to introduce art into the garden in as many ways as possible, mosaic offered the opportunity for people with few artistic skills to create artwork (under professional guidance) that is long-lasting and of high quality.



With funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation we engaged professional artists Jill Kitchen and Cathy Ebbels to work with three local groups -  young mothers at SureStart; teenage mothers at MK Foundation Training and members of the Senior Citizens' Thursday Coffee morning to teach them mosaic making skills and enable them to produce the work.  

Three of the designs were based on objects that might have been found in different rooms of the houses - and these were located appropriately in the villa imprints in the garden - the mangle in the scullery, the scales in the kitchen and the cat on the mat in the lounge. In addition two doorsteps were made in the style of encaustic tiled doorsteps of Wolverton terraced houses, with a train for the Stationmaster's House and  a quill, account book and money for the Accountant's house.



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